• Invitation for three members of your organization to participate in the semiannual NLC member meeting to discuss best practices, policy updates, and industry developments.
  • Participation opportunities on NLC subcommittees and Executive Advisory Council.
  • Voting privileges within the organization on elected positions and membership wide referendums.
  • Company positioning and hyper-link on the NLC member website under executive membership status.
  • Company positioning on all published white-papers and analysis.
  • One registration to the national Five Star Conference and Expo (valued at $1,095)
  • Discounted corporate registrations to all public Five Star Institute conferences.
  • Company positioning in the NLC display ad featured in select monthly editions of the MReport magazine (in print and digital format).



  • Participation opportunities on NLC subcommittees
  • Admission for one member of your organization to attend the semiannual NLC member meeting
  • Brand positioning on the NLC website under general membership status.
  • Discounted corporate registrations to select Five Star Institute conferences.
  • Company positioning in the NLC display ad featured in select monthly editions of the MReport magazine